Flash Review: Cobi

Since I have declared the theme of this month Minnesota May on Mishmash (say that ten times fast), I bring to you today a new artist hailing from the great state who has just released a new single. Cobi Mike (who goes by just Cobi), has been met with commendable attention on his third ever single as a solo artist. And for good reason. “Don’t You Cry For Me” is like the beautiful, beautiful love child of Hozier and AWOLNATION…with a touch of gospel. Intrigued? You should be.

I mean, what could be better while patiently (impatiently) waiting for a new album from Hozier than an out-of-the-blue release by an out-of-the-blue artist whose music has that same Hozier-esque feel that’s somehow grand and raw at the same time.

The track opens with a soft gospel-inspired chorus and a simple piano, Mike’s voice cuts through with the tormented lyrics: “Oh, got my hands tied around my back / And time put a rope around my neck / Hung from the rafters of my fear / Dark in the eyes / I try to face the world”

Someone give this guy a hug. But also tell him to keep making music like this.

The song really takes off at the chorus. Mike’s vocals shine as he belts, “Please help me chop this tree down”

As an environmentalist, I do not approve this message. However I appreciate it as a metaphor and musically, it’s an ace in the hole. A perfect mix of synths and acoustic instrumentation, where neither overpowers the other. That’s right. Gospel mixed with synths. It’s totally a thing!

Listen to this track. It could be the best 4 minutes of your day. I, for one, am keeping an eye (ear?) on this new guy.


Cover image courtesy of www.youtube.com/user/cobimike


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