Flash Review: Lewis Del Mar


I like to listen to music. I like to make music. I just really like music in general. And I think my taste in music is particularly tasty (I mean, to be fair, everyone likes their own taste in music by definition…) In any case, I am opening my spotify to your eager ears in the form of short reviews of music I am enamored with on any given day. Today, it’s Lewis Del Mar.

You may not have heard of Lewis Del Mar because they’re brand spanking new. The New York-based duo released their first single this summer: Loud(y), which I highly recommend (see link below) and their debut EP was released a little over a week ago.

A crunchy blend of acoustic and electronic sounds, the EP and band seem to have come out of nowhere, but this collection of songs is carefully crafted and has already taken off.

Malt Liquor begins with a single, repeated note on acoustic guitar, blending into a simple guitar/piano layered melody, all with vocals driving the song forward. It builds into a beat-driven, grungy electric guitar-riffing, sample-heavy jam. Excellent.

And the lyrics? Cynical, mildly angry, desperately grasping at “realness” in the midst of society’s shallow obsession with partying or consumerism or Taylor Swift or something. Classic.

“Parties, love at 5 AM
But who’s coming?
Dance around like skeletons
‘Cause we forgot what we wanted”

Deliciously angst-ridden. Loud(y) begins with a similar minimal acoustic guitar sound and the charming suggestion:

“Can you please sit the fuck down?”

See, chivalry isn’t dead! But seriously, this music is awesome. And Lewis Del Mar has already achieved a level of recognition that’s impressive for a band that “very little is known about,” according to a brief shoutout in the New York Times. Listen to them. Do it.



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